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Los Angeles Rooftop Lounge

Plan West Hollywood Events at the Skydeck

Le Parc’s Skydeck proudly boasts an outdoor heated pool for refreshing dips , a sundeck – perfect for lounging, and the opportunity for alfresco dining all with dramatic views of L.A. and the Hollywood Hills..

Host your event or relax under the warm sun from our Los Angeles rooftop lounge—the Skydeck will be the centerpiece to your Le Parc experience.  You’ll forget the millions of people bustling around Los Angeles as you recede peacefully and restfully into your thoughts.

Contact us for information on Skydeck event planning.

Rave Reviews for Skydeck

"Go to the roof top deck and overload there on vitamin D and the outdoors..." 


"Other highlights were the rooftop pool and lounge and tennis courts. Lots of little nooks and crannies of tables where you can enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the city."

--Danielle S. 

"The rooms are spacious and lovely and the rooftop pool and tennis courts make you feel like you've been transported to another world.”

--Thomas B.

"Rooftop pool with hot tub and cabanas and views = AWESOME"

--Steve P.

"Best hotel I have ever stayed at in Hollywood! It is a great, residential area. Perfectly close to restaurants on Sunset. Stay at this hotel. It is the best! Also, SkyDeck, is amazing."

--Miles H.