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09 Tue Oct 2012

A lesbian, a Native American and a turkey lobbyist walk into the White House as Ed Begley and Felicity Huffman continue their run in David Mamet's "November," a riotous farce about an unpopular president at the Mark Taper Forum (through November 4).

The Oval Office descends into a three-ring circus of political incorrectness in this riotous farce about an unpopular president desperate to be re-elected. President Charles Smith and his cohorts will stop at nothing to beg, bargain and browbeat their way into a second term. Will human decency prevail?

Emmy Award-nominee Ed Begley Jr. (Arrested Development, A Mighty Wind) and Academy Award-nominee and Emmy Award-winner Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives, TransAmerica) lead the cast in Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet’s delicious spoof of the highest office in the nation.